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In this FREE Masterclass, you will learn 5 game-changing strategies that will help you find more happiness in your life and career. You will start exploring your personal purpose and values, learn about self-trust, how to choose growth mindsets, and gain insights on how you can pursue a life and career with PASSION and JOY! 


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In this FREE Masterclass you will learn how to...

Discover Your WHY

by exploring your personal purpose and what you were put on this planet to do.

Become More Self-Aware

 by exploring your personal values and what really matters to you in life.

Learn to Trust Yourself

by discovering your own voice, believe in yourself, and  live your life fearlessly.

Master Growth Mindsets 

by learning to choose your mindsets and turn them into self-empowering abilities personal and professional growth.

Live and Work with Passion and Joy

by finding out what ignites the fire in your belly, lights the sparkle in your eyes and makes you thrive in your life and career.


Adam Grant Think Again


Adam Grant
#1 NYT bestselling author of THINK AGAIN

"Annicken R. Day has a gift for transforming bureaucracies into businesses that buzz with creativity and joy."

Cherry Johal Yates

Invaluable course!

Cherry Johal Yates
Global Communications Strategist

"We tend to compartmentalize happiness at work and in life into two separate parts of our lives. So, I was thrilled to come across the Happy Life Happy Work online course, which brings these two worlds together in a holistic way with practical real-world applications. I would recommend anyone seeking introspection whether in their daily lives and/or career journey to go through this invaluable course."

Meet your coach

Hi! I’m Annicken R. Day

Bestselling author of Fly, Butterfly, founder of Happy Life Happy Work and Corporate Spring – and your personal happiness coach.

Born and bred Norwegian, a country that is recognized as one of the happiest countries in the world by United Nations, I use JOY as my guiding star and believe HAPPINESS is the meaning of life. My purpose in life is to inspire and help others find happiness within themselves, and that is why I started Happy Life Happy Work.

For the last twenty years I have helped tens of thousands people find more meaning, joy and success in their life and work. And now I would love to help you as well!

I can't wait to go on this happiness journey with you!

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