Chill – Connect – Create Camp

A Tuscan Experience Out of The Ordinary



October 14-21, 2023 (Sold Out)

April 13-20, 2024

Imagine 7 Days of...


breathe and relax. Take in the breathtaking beauty of the Tuscan landscape while enjoying the exquisite food, wines and experiences the region can offer. Feel how your senses are awakened as you give yourself some well-deserved YOU time.


with yourself, the true essence of you. Reflect on your purpose and values, your talents and dreams. Have inspiring and meaningful conversations with new friends, reflect on life, professionally facilitated and guided along the way.


something you want to create, maybe a project you have been longing to dedicate time to but haven't found the inspiration, the environment, or the peace of mind to do. Feel your creative juices flow as you  continue – or start – working on something that makes your heart sing.

Imagine doing this in an environment of beauty, inspiration and joy,
in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Far from everyday life, noise, expectations and hassle.
Warm welcome to a Tuscan experience out of the ordinary.
An experience designed to awaken your senses, creativity, and JOY for LIFE.


Chill – Connect – Create Camp

The Concept

Chill – Connect – Create is a 3-step transformation process, first introduced in Annicken R. Day's bestselling novel Fly, Butterfly.

It starts with Chill:, to slow down, breathe, relax and enjoy. To have all our senses awakened and create space in our minds, hearts and souls for what comes next.

Connect is about exploring, listening, and connecting to ourselves; finding back to the essence of who we are, why we are here, and rediscover our heart's true desires.

Create is about finding back to our creative core, to turn our ideas and dreams into something tangible, something real, something that is ready to be created and manifested. 

The 7-days Chill, Connect, Create experience is designed to take you on a journey into yourself, and give you the inspiration and tools to bring what you learn back into your life and to the world.  

Why Camp?

We chose the word Camp as it has has an active, social, informal and playful energy to it - just like our Camp!

We will be staying in a beautiful, traditional Tuscan farmhouse (more details below) with an incredible view over the Tuscan landscape while we talk, enjoy ourselves, and indulge in the wonderful culinary experiences the region can offer.

Whether you choose to stay in a shared bedroom or a double bedroom for single use, you will be socialising with the other "Campers" during the days and evenings. And if you need some alone time, there are plenty of spaces where you can have that as well.

We have created a unique program that spans from (simple) yoga and meditation to inspiring workshops, self-reflection and group discussions, combined with plenty of time for pure enjoyment. This is designed for you, and you are free to pick and choose whatever activities, experiences and sessions that feels most right for you.

7 Days About YOU

How often do you take time to focus on YOU?

To relax, give yourself some time and attention, enjoy yourself, and just BE. To reflect on where you are in life, what matters to you, what you want? And then start creating it.

The Chill, Connect, Create Camp is designed to give you the place, the space, the environment and the inspiration to focus on the most important person in your life: YOU. 

By giving yourself the gift of chill and relaxation, connecting with yourself and others, and tap into your creative power to move forward with something that matters to you, you are making your thoughts, ideas, dreams and feelings count… and put into motion.   

What comes after that might be pure magic. 

Your wings already exist. You just need to spread them and FLY.

Happy Life, Happy Work

The Happy Life Happy Work Model™ is a science-based, proven method for personal and professional growth. Offered as an online program, it is designed to help people find more meaning, happiness and joy in their lives and careers.

As part of the Chill, Connect, Create Camp, we will be exploring each of the building blocks of the model further; your personal purpose, your personal values, self-trust, growth mindset, passion and joy.

When you sign up for the Chill, Connect, Create Camp, you get access to the online program and we recommend that you go through all the modules, including the self-reflection exercises, ahead of the Camp. It will help you prepare and give you even greater value of the Chill, Connect, Create experience. 

If you've already purchased the Happy Life Happy Work Online Program, contact us at [email protected] for a discounted Camp fee!

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The Program

7 Days of Chill – Connect – Create 

April 13 - 20, 2024

Day 1 – Arrive & Chill

Arrival Day.

  • Welcome dinner. Getting to know each other over pasta & wine, served by our private chef in the Tuscan Farmhouse. 
  • Set personal intentions for the week.

Day 2 – Chill

  • Morning session: The Art of Chilling.
  • A day of relaxation and rest by the pool, walk or cycling around the neighbourhood. 
  • Lunch prepared by our private chef in the Farmhouse. 
  • Afternoon: Wine tour and tasting at local winery.
  • Dinner in the nearby medieval village Barberino Val d'Elsa, overlooking the hills of Chianti. 

Day 3 – Connect

A Journey into Yourself Part 1

  • Morning session: The foundations of a happy life and a happy work. The science and the practice. 
  • The power and practice of personal purpose, personal values and self-trust.
  • Self-exploration and self-reflection
  • Group discussions, coaching.
  • Lunch and dinner served at the Farmhouse by our private chef. 
  • Plenty of time for chill & connect.

Day 4 – Connect

A journey into Yourself Part 2

  • Morning session: The power and practice of mindsets. How to create more passion and joy in life and at work.
  • Self-exploration and self-reflection.
  • Self-reflection, group discussion, coaching. 
  • Lunch served at the Farmhouse by our private chef.
  • Cooking class & dinner at nearby restaurant. 
  • Plenty of time to chill and connect.

Day 5 - Create

  • Morning session: To be human is to be creative. How to tap into your creative superpower.
  • An authors journey: From the idea to the creation of Fly, Butterfly.
  • Opportunity to work on individual projects/activities. Guidance and support available.
  • Arrange lunch and dinner plans amongst yourselves. 

Day 6 - Create

  • Morning session: From ideas to reality. How to manifest what you want to create.
  • Work on individual projects. Guidance and support available.
  • Lunch served at the Farmhouse by our private chef. 
  • Early afternoon session: sharing last days experiences and learnings. Create personal commitments.
  • Celebration: Garden Party at La Casa delle Farfalle (Annicken's place)

Day 7 Chill, Connect, Create in Tuscany

  • A day without program, where you can do anything you like; explore Tuscany, visit Firenze or Siena, or just hang out by the pool. If you need any ideas, we will of course be happy to help. Create lunch and dinner plans amongst yourselves.  

Day 8 End of Camp

  • The End of the Chill, Connect, Create Camp
  • The Beginning of The Rest of Your Life.


Details and hours will be shared closer to the Camp and the program might be slightly changed.

In addition light yoga and meditation sessions will be offered, and a massage therapist will be available,  throughout the week. Bicycles will be made available for those who are interested.

You are free to attend and do whatever you want. These days are about YOU.

Oh my! I want to experience this!

The Place

Chianti, Tuscany

Chianti's landscape, nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Italy, is a captivating tapestry of rolling hills adorned with vineyards, olive groves, and ancient villages. The picturesque terrain is a testament to centuries of viticultural heritage, offering a unique terroir ideal for grape cultivation.

The area's history of winemaking stretches back centuries, with vineyards dating back to the Etruscan era.

This rich viticultural heritage is the foundation for the exceptional quality and distinct character found in Chianti wines.

With cities like Florence, Siena and San Gimignano close by, Chianti is the ideal location for those who want to explore the heart of Tuscany, which includes all the culinary experiences and beautiful wines that can be found all over the region.

Tizzano Farmhouse

Part of an organic farm spanning 300 hectares, Tizzano is a splendid 16th century stone farmhouse sat on a hill-top within in the “Gold Tuscan Triangle” between Florence, San Gimignano and Siena. The villa offers air-conditioned bedrooms, large private pool and an elegant cobbled courtyard overlooking the magical countryside of rolling hills peppered with hamlets, vineyards, woodlands and olive groves. The views are made even more majestic when accompanied by a the beautiful sunset that is simply breathtaking from Tizzano's position in the hills.

A country retreat of an aristocratic Italian family for several generations, it carries the patina of centuries-old love and care. The villa’s has been retained throughout with antiques, art objects, comfortable sofas and shelves filled with rare books. This stylish atmosphere envelopes the three seating areas, one with beautiful vaulted ceilings, which provide plenty of quiet reading corners as well as space for the whole party to gather.

Set on a hill just a half-mile outside the medieval town of Barberino val d’Elsa, Tizzano offers a great location from where to visit some of the most important Chianti towns or villages, and the famous San Gimignano is 25 minutes away. Florence and Siena are 40 minutes by car or one hour by bus.

The bedrooms 

Twin bedroom, double bedrooms or double rooms for single use, all with en-suite bathrooms, can be booked in main house or in the estate's second house, a newly renovated house with its own swimming pool, only 5 minutes away (by car) from Tizzano.

Getting There


✈️ Airports nearby:
Airports: Florence, 40 minutes; Pisa, 1 hour 10 minutes. Rome, 3 hours.

🚘 By Car:
Motorway exit at Tavarnelle, 11km along paved roads. Right after Barberino Val d' Elsa, you'll find the property at the right side of the road. 

🚊 By Train:
Closest railway station at Poggibonsi-San Gimignano, 15 minutes.

🚐 Transfer from/to Florence Airport or San Gimignano Railway station:
Send us your flight details and we will help you coordinate transfer and find the most affordable solution for you. 

 Meet your host:

Annicken R. Day

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, global keynote and TEDx speaker, founder of Corporate Spring and Happy Life Happy Work.

Annicken R. Day’s purpose in life is to inspire people to live and work with meaning, happiness, and joy. For the last 20+ years she has inspired and helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to create thriving work cultures, successful businesses, and live happier lives.

Born and bred Norwegian, she has lived most of her grown-up life in Europe, UK, and the US. But Tuscany, Italy, has always had a very special place in her heart.

After a health-scare last year, Annicken was reminded that tomorrow isn't promised, so she packed up her home in California and relocated to Italy, for a life under the Tuscan sun, like she's always dreamt of. 

Annicken R. Day is the author of the bestselling novel Fly, Butterfly, a personal and professional metamorphosis story about a businesswoman’s quest for purpose and happiness. The book became an instant Amazon bestseller and has been translated to multiple languages, with more to come. She is currently writing on the sequel. 

Her professional life has been dedicated to help leaders and teams create inspired cultures and happy workplaces, both as a corporate executive and founder and CEO of Corporate Spring. She has spoken at hundreds of stages around the world about why happiness is good for business, given a TEDx talk about being a corporate rebel, written numerous business articles, and coauthored the book Creative Superpower.

Her latest venture, Happy Life Happy Work, is an online platform that provides tools, training and inspiration for people who seeks more meaning, joy and success in their life and careers. 

Annicken first wrote about the 3-step transformation process Chill, Connect, Create in her book Fly, Butterfly and have since then coached many of her clients on the process with great success.

The Chill – Connect – Create Camp is a manifestation of everything Annicken R. Day believes in, has dedicated her professional life to – and the way she lives her life. 

Welcome to the Chill – Connect–Create Camp, a Tuscan experience out of the ordinary.

Annicken R. Day your coach

"Butterflies need to be free to fly"

Annicken R. Day, Fly, Butterfly

The Chill – Connect – Create Camp.

April 13-20, 2024

Limited spaces available. Make sure to secure your spot now. 

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The remaining fee to be paid 6 weeks ahead of the Camp (on March 2nd, 2024). 
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You will receive access to the Happy Life Happy Work Online Program when full payment is received.
Any Questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

What You Will Get :

  • 7 days of chill, connect and create.
  • A Tuscan experience out of the ordinary.
  • A uniquely designed program filled with experiences, learning, growth, and enjoyment.
  • Professional guidance and facilitation.
  • Access to the Happy Life Happy Work Online Program (value $990 USD), including one year of monthly Happy Hour Online Coaching Sessions with Annicken R. Day.
  • Shared or single bedroom with en-suite bathroom in an authentic Tuscan farmhouse.
  • All breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 5 dinners with wine included.
  • Water, coffee, tea, fruit and snacks during the days.
  • Daily "aperitivos" (Italian tradition). 
  • Wine tour and wine tasting.
  • Cooking class.
  • Daily yoga sessions.
  • Free use of bicycles.
  • Access to pool.
  • Daily cleaning service.

What You Will Experience:

  • 7 days focused on YOU.
  • A uniquely designed Tuscan experience, based on recommendations by locals to ensure you get the absolute best.
  • A meaningful and heart expanding vacation/get-away.
  • Time to relax and just BE.
  • An environment for joy, expansion and creativity.
  • Acquire new insights and ideas. 
  • Perspectives on life and more clarity on your way forward. 
  • Inspiration and tools to navigate life choices, your career and/or get those creative projects started.
  • Progress with whatever you want to commit yourself to.
  • Sense of community, meet new friends. 
  • Deep conversations and lighthearted fun. 
  • Extraordinary beauty, nature, food, wine.
  • Fuel for the brain, balm for the soul.
  • Laughter. Joy. Happy days!
  • Create memories that most probably will stay with you forever. 

What is not included:

  • Flights/travel costs.
  • Transportation from airport (Firenze or Pisa)  to the camp. But we're happy to help make arrangements.
  • Individual activities and dinners outside the Camp program.
  • Massages

Cancellation policy: 

Cancellations 6 weeks ahead of the event get 75% refund.

Cancellations after September 2nd can only be refunded if we are able to sell the spot to someone else. 

Happy Life Happy Work guarantee

The Happy Life Happy Work Program

The Happy Life Happy Work Course The online course is designed around the Happy Life Happy Work Model™, a science-based model based on psychology, neuroscience and behavioral science on human motivation and happiness, built on the related Corporate Spring Model™ that has been implemented by hundreds of teams worldwide, with great success.

Read more HERE.

What people say about Annicken:

Jenifer Walker Cisco

Enlightening and entertaining!

Jennifer Walker
Customer Experience Manager, Cisco

Annicken R. Day is an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker. She has an infectious passion coupled with great knowledge and years of practical experience that makes her both enlightening and entertaining.

Denning Tan Amazone

Deeper, inner, more connected..

Denning Tan
Startup lead at Amazon Web Services

Annicken delivered a most intriguing session for our teams at AWS focusing on Identity and Purpose. Her ability to transport the listener to a deeper, inner, more connected realm is surreal. I thoroughly enjoyed her session, insight and leadership, and look forward to more collaborations!

Jason Angelius Cisco

Amazing thought leader!

Jason Angelius
Head of Global Demo Team, Cisco

Annicken is an amazing thought leader, with a truly heart-led approach to creating high performing teams and company culture. She draws on years of practical experience to help any organization get its culture strategy on track.

Eva Panarese Camurus


Eva Panarese
Marketing Director, Camurus

What an amazing experience we had when Annicken R. Day explained the importance of Culture as a Growth Strategy and how High Performing Cultures work! It was a great energizing session that helped us in our effort to build an engaged and motivated team around the world. I would highly recommend Annicken as a key motivational speaker and coach!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I possibly say no to all this? I'm in! See you in Tuscany!