Happy Life Happy Work is an online community created to help people find more happiness in life and at work. It’s founded by bestselling author and founder of Corporate Spring, Annicken R. Day, who has spent most of her career helping leaders and teams around the world build thriving and joyful high-performing cultures.

As Annicken and her team have witnessed tremendous professional transformation with their clients, they have seen even bigger changes happen on a personal level. The feedback from many of the participants of Corporate Spring’s programs is that they have acquired new insights about themselves, reconnected with their personal purpose and values, and are feeling higher levels of joy and happiness in life and at work.

When receiving similar feedback from the readers of her novel Fly, Butterfly, a personal and professional metamorphosis story, Annicken was reminded that happiness is not something most people experience. When she continued to explore the topic, many told her that they wanted to feel happier, but that they didn’t know how to.

This is what inspired Annicken to create the Happy Life Happy Work community. By connecting with people, sharing stories, and making the transformational methods they have shared with their clients accessible to everyone, Annicken wants to help more people find happiness in life and at work. Because, in her own words, “The world needs more happy people!”.

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Corporate Spring is a culture, leadership, and communications firm founded by former Chief Culture Officer at Tandberg and Cisco, and bestselling author, Annicken R. Day. For the last decade, the team of highly experienced executives, business psychologists, innovators, and corporate rebels, have helped some of the world’s leading companies build innovative and joyful high-performing cultures.

Through the science-based and holistic Corporate Spring Model, influenced by Scandinavian leadership philosophy, the team provide a methodical, practical, and enjoyable process that help their clients go from where they are to where they need to be to succeed in the new world of work.

The Corporate Spring experts help leaders, from startup founders to Fortune 500 executives, embrace new ways of leading and build human-centered, joyful cultures that attract talent, retain them, and inspire people to give their best every day.

Corporate Spring was established in 2012 with the mission to make the corporate world a happier place, because it is good for people, profit and planet.

In 2022, on their 10th anniversary, they are taking the happiness project one step further. Through the “off-spring”, Happy Life Happy Work, they are making the methods and tools that have led to more happiness at work and life for their clients, accessible to everyone.

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